The World Health Organization defines an accident as “an event out of human control, caused by an outside force acting rapidly, and which results in physical and/or mental injury.” To combat accidents effectively children must learn about best practices, and for that they need to be taught with suitable tools. In other words, tools that are educational, captivating and fun. If our initiative is to flourish, these tools must be available to all and, therefore, free. The Daredevil Beary is also a social and citizen’s initiative aimed resolutely at a section of the public which does not usually have access to such schemes, whether for reasons of cost (of the educator) or resulting from a poor knowledge of the subject within the host organization. This is why our focus is on actions aimed at children with fewer opportunities (from priority neighbourhoods), schools and activity centres.

What’s the concept?

We provide fully developed educational tools for families, supervisors and teachers on the themes of first aid and accident prevention. In our view children must be at the heart of the learning process. They are our lever and gateway into the home where the discussion on first aid and prevention needs to take place.


Your country shares common values with our Federation, which makes us think you could be interested in our educational project dedicated to risk and home accident prevention. In this respect, we would like to propose a partnership between your Institution and our Federation.

Indeed, the World Health Organization (WHO) counts worldwide:

-    40 000 000 home accidents per day of children aged 0 to 6

-    90 Millions home accidents per year of all age categories

As  consequences:

-    950 000 deaths and 175 000  fatal drowning of children aged 0 to 18

- 2 000 000 deaths a year all populations combined, which means a rate three times higher than rate for road accidents 

These alarming figures drive us to implement unprecedented mobilization and actions to all citizens, including from an early age. We are firmly convinced risk and home accident prevention goes through anyone’s commitment and action.

Our Organization, The French Federation for Domestic Risk Prevention (FFDRP) gathers the actors of prevention around awareness projects based on imaginative methods, dedicated to different audiences. Our programs have an educational purpose and are adapted to every citizen age group ; thus, we provide trainings for children, families, but also, volunteers from associations, teachers and professionals.

As an example, our educational toolkit “Deardevil Beary” places child in the heart of the learning process and unable to become himself the actor of his own safety and thus citizenship.  The preventive and educational interest of this fun tool has been confirmed by several organizations’ sponsoring such as UNESCO, French Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, French Ministry of Public Health, The Medical Association, as well as many personalities. The program,  freely available, has yet raised the awareness on risk and home accident of over than 300.000 children.

Our Federation, strongly constituted of twenty Associations, proposes a number of measures on the French and overseas territories (Reunion, French Guiana …). It is also involved in events such as shows, conferences, public meetings, etc, which concern not less than 90.000 nationwide families on the French territory itself. Our international development was initiated on three continents yet. In this respect, we had our cartoon “Daredevil Beary” translated into English. Besides, our Federation had signed up its first international agreement, with the Polynesian Government.  These accomplishments, we hope, will open up the doors to the US and countries of Africa.

This is why we are looking for partners and sponsors sharing our values and leading community initiatives. The main goal of our partnerships is keeping on developing free tools and training programs aimed at the general public.

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